Wednesday, 6 July 2011

World’s largest outdoor TV by Porsche Design

For the super rich one, Porsche Design Studio has now introduced the world’s largest outdoor television under “201 C SEED” a brand formed in collaboration with the expertise of Global Bright Group, to score above the rest.

The 201-inches waterproof LED screen is integrated in a flattened piece of concealed black metal in a circular hole in the ground. It emerges from the ground silently and unravels its magic all in 15 seconds, and the screen unfolds into seven panels in a further 25 seconds for complete set-up. “The performance begins when C SEED magically appear from the ground, like a kinetic sculpture,” says Porsche Design Studio.

The waterproof TV can be custom installed in any terraced or grass surface. A 270-degree rotation, three-way audio system including 15 speakers and wireless remote control make viewing convenient from any angle or distance.

C SEED 201 will be available on order from September 2011 starting at about $810,000.

via: elitetraveler


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