Thursday, 28 July 2011

DTA Winners 2011

The first annual Designer Toy Awards!! Excitment was high, and not only amongst Clutter staff but Artists, manufacturers fans and press outlets alike. Bar Basic was cram packed fulled with revelers, unfortunatley leaving a line of people outside who couldn't get in. Winners were all selected throguh a demecoratic process of public voting and board voting. Congratulations to all of our winners and nominees. Everyone who takes part in the Toy Scene is equally deserving and awesome, and we applaud everyone who makes this makes the world go round.

Without Further ado the winners are:
Artist of the Year
Ashley Wood
File 3404
Toy of the Year
"4ft Companion" by Kaws
File 3405
Best Blog
File 3406

Fan Favorite
“Android” by Andrew Bell Best
File 3407

Online Toy Store
File 3408

Best Toy Store
File 3409

Best Collection
Carl "MutonIsMyFriend" Kent-Smith
File 3410

Best Toy From a Comic
"Kill Audio" by Vinyl Cut
File 3411

Best DIY Platform
“Mini Munny” by Kidrobot
File 3414

Most influential event
San Diego Comic Con
File 3413

Manufacturer of the Year
File 3417

Lifetime Achievement
Michael Lau
File 3416

Break Through Artist
Jason Freeny
File 3415

Outstanding Production
"False Friends (In Pain Edition)" by Coarse Toys
File 3418

Best Customizer
Doktor A
File 3419

Best Mini Series
"Tic Toc Apocalypse" by Amanda Visell
File 3420

Best Self Produced
"Hermes" by Gary Ham
File 3425

Best Collaboration
"Trouble Boys" by Ferg x Brandt Peters
File 3426

Best Licensed Product
"Super Shogun Stormtrooper" by Super7
File 3421

Best Plush Design
"Plunk and Pop Lion" by Anna Chambers
File 3424

Best Functional Toy
"Mimobot" by Mimoco
File 3422

Best 1/6th Scale
"Playge Rat" by Ferg
File 3423


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