Friday, 29 July 2011

The medals of the 2012 Olympics and look at the past

With exactly one year to the Olympics, the medals of the games were revealed yesterday in London. With 8.5 cm in diameter and weighing 400 grams, they were created by British artist David Watkins , who attended the special effects team from "2001: A Space Odyssey" Stanley Kubrick.
In front, the logo of the 2012 Olympics is superimposed on a shape that represents the River Thames, crossed by lines that symbolize the city's energy and athletes.  On the back, the obligatory presence of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.  At the edge, which is 7 mm, the recording will come from the name of the sport to which each piece is intended.
Will be produced over 2100 copies in the Royal Mint in South Wales, for the 302 podium ceremonies to be held in 16 days of competition. Despite being the heaviest medals in the history of the Games - more than 200g in the last Olympics in Beijing - a gold medal is actually only 1.34% of the metal.The remaining 92.5% is silver.
See how some of the medals were in the past:
 The first Olympiad of the modern era in Athens 1896
 1912 Olympics in Stockholm
 1924 in Paris
 1936 in Berlin. Designed by Florentine artist Giuseppe Cassioli
 1948 London
 1968 in Mexico
 1984 Los Angeles
 1992 Barcelona
 Athens 2004
 Beijing 2008


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