Thursday, 7 July 2011

Enjoy! ( ) Energy by MUJI to Help Japan

The March 11 earthquake and tsunami caused great loss of life, devastated the lives of survivors, and affected everyone in the area. The damaged power plants are still a constant concern throughout Japan, and there will be less electric power than usual available this year. That is unavoidable, but rather than resigning ourselves to pessimistically accepting the situation, we believe that this is an opportunity for Japan to turn itself into a smart energy nation.

Enjoy! ( ) Energy is the latest project from Muji Labs which aims to collect ideas for saving energy from designers around the world. Muji has created a website to feature the concept work created by invited designers who have volunteered their time for the project. Each was given the brief to develop an idea for saving energy in daily life by first completing the phrase “Enjoy! ( ) Energy”.

So far, 57 ideas are featured which span from practical to lighthearted. Muji will continue to publish more ideas on an ongoing basis.Here is some of the designs.

Pick-up Trike by Sebastian CONRAN
The electric-assist Pick-up Trike has a low tilting cargo-platform and narrow width to go through traffic. It can take loads of stuff; deliveries, luggage, work-tools, family shopping or even a child to school.

Sam HECHT/Industrial Designer
Why not paint your floor white! I have done this. Daylight can illuminate a room for longer, need less artificial light.

Kinya TAGAWA/Founder of Takram Design Engineering
Sheet-type solar cells using a new type of cloth that lets electricity pass through. Hang it out in the sun with the washing and it is ready to use.

atelier GRIZOU/Designers
Put refrigerant outside on winter evenings when temperatures are sub-zero. In the morning, place the frozen refrigerant inside the refrigerator. Electricity consumption is reduced drastically.

James IRVINE/Industrial Designer
Questionnaire card to give to boyfriend or girlfriend to ask them if they love you. If they say yes then energy is well spent. If they say no you can save energy used in taxis and cinemas.

Check out more here


Kelvin said...

The last one is lol, waste of trees~

jamie writes said...

nice one! love the bike! and love what they are doing to help Japan.

Kiki's Land said...

Ya..and i like MUJI products but too bad don't have their store in Malaysia. :(

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