Friday, 29 July 2011

Behind the Work : Ok Go's "All Is Not Lost"

Bob Industries director Trish Sie and her brother, Damian Kulash, lead singer of the band OK Go, grew up worshipping Connecticut-based dance company Pilobolus, known for its intense athleticism and imaginative physical interplay. "Instead of pictures of the Breakfast Club, we had pictures of Pilobolus on our walls," says Sie.
Trish Sie
Trish Sie

It seemed just a matter of time, then, before the siblings, who have collaborated on clips for Kulash's band, invited Pilobolus to partner on their latest effort, the new video for OK Go's "All Is Not Lost." It features a kaleidoscope of the band members and dancers' bodies, shot from below through a transparent barrier. While the shooting angle is quite unique --"I've heard there's a porn movie somewhere that was shot from below, but that's it," says Sie -- the video also breaks new technological ground.
The trifecta also partnered with Google to create an HTML5-powered interactive experience, which leverages the Chrome browser to showcase the clip through 12 separate windows of dances that shift along with the music. Users can also type in messages in Roman letter or Japanese and watch the band create the letters with their bodies. The result? A visually arresting intersection of dance, technology and direction.

For Sie, who has, as she describes it, a filmmaker's aesthetic with a dancer's mindset, this was probably one of the hardest things she's ever worked on. "There was nothing that had been done like this so I just had to go with my imagination," she says. Breaking new ground can be logistically exhausting too. To shoot from below, "we initially thought we would use Plexiglas but turns out that it's super expensive." They could only afford a small sheet, so the group's rehearsal space also ended up much smaller than expected.

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