Friday, 1 July 2011

What Do You Love? from Google

Google has launched a new, mysterious service called What Do You Love. It’s a simple search box, similar to the one on Google’s homepage, but it returns results from more than 20 different Google services, including Google Translate, Trends, YouTube, Maps and Groups.

If you’re an avid user of Google and want to explore all facets of things you love, then the What Do You Love page is definitely for you.
The service looks similar to the Google home page but the regular ‘Google Search’ button is replaced with an appropriately adorable heart. The idea of What Do You Love is to let users type in whatever they love and provide them with the different Google services that lets them explore that subject. You can watch videos, find books and measure the popularity of whatever tickles your fancy.
Just type in and you’ll be immersed in everything that makes your heart sing.

via: mashable


Kelly C said...

wow u really explore a lot new things where we normally don't, good job!

Kiki's Land said...

Kelly C: i just like to blog walking and feel want to share some thing that i found are looks interesting .. :) thanks

Nava.K said...

sounds interesting.

Kelvin said...

Lol, i just type sex in it and it shown me a lot XD

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