Friday, 29 July 2011

PUMA x Deadmau5 Collection For Foot Locker

Well,i'm not a big fans of Deadmau5 but i do love the Puma products.Okay,FYI my 1st love still is adidas :) Sure you won't feel strange about this OVERSIZE mouse head mask when he was wearing it for every performance.He is a international famous Canadian DJ .

Chances are, you know that deadmau5 is releasing a sportswear line, but if you didn’t, the deadmau5 x PUMA Capsule Collection advert will give you a great look at the upcoming series.

Not too long ago, the deadmau5 x PUMA Capsule Collection was announced. So far, the outfits are comprised of track jackets and sneakers that look pretty impressive. After showing off the a few of the sportswear pieces that fans can expect, this video shows off the kicks in action. The clip takes the audience through the beautiful city of Berlin as several friends flock towards the deadmau5 concert. Of course, the DJ himself makes an appearance with his full attire, and you’ll notice his mask features Puma’s jaguar on the left ear. The line will be released exclusively through European Foot Locker on August 1st, 2011.

via: freshnessmag


yukmun said...

where to get in malaysia? C:

Kiki's Land said...

this was exclusive for foot locker..i'm not sure is it can get it in malaysia

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