Thursday, 21 July 2011

China Fakes An entire Apple Store???

China has a reputation for manufacturing fakes—exact copies of luxury handbags that include all the labels and packaging; food products made with faulty ingredients and electronics, such as the iPhone. But an entirely fake Apple store supersedes any of China’s prior copy-cat stunts.

The three fake Apple stores are located in Kunming and within walking distance of each other. They copy every aspect of the official Apple stores from the products down to the interior design. The poster advertising, the Genius Bar and the employee uniforms are all the same. A blogger who took these photographs says that even the shelving and display counters are perfect replicas.

What gives away these knock-off stores were the poor paint job and construction of the staircase. Apple’s website will also tell you the only retail locations they have in China are in Beijing and Shanghai. Plus, real Apple stores never have the ‘Apple Store’ tag beneath the logo.

Well, i get these 3 replica MacBook Air from my friend,by the way i don't wanna tell the reason why get those replica MacBook Air. I can say the replica MacBook Air is look like a toy which for kids, like the plastic!!!
Here are some of the picture i taken but a little blur on it...

 The box

 You can see the same "Apple" logo

see the different sticker on

 the "Apple" trademark Flashlight -.-

Made in USA????

I know these 3 replica MacBook were bought from China but i not sure where from.


Thristhan said...

Wow, everything is made in China anyways :)

Kiki's Land said...

Thristhan : ya...china is replica's heaven :p

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