Thursday, 16 June 2011

Banana Taipei VS. T.A.T.A Baby

 Attaches great importance to respecting intellectual property rights for the brand A cargo is absolutely irresistible, but the hall-class brand really expensive, most people can afford, but in foreign countries in Europe and America and other places to sell the old turn is illegal, you can immediately alarm seal the shop, so on the market a few more so-called "tribute version of" brand name that is designed to emulate the side, while the details of the position change classics, and launched its own more affordable products, so most people can be closer to the hall-class brand, but in recent years "to pay tribute Edition "has become the lot of street fashion brand name for oneself in the triumph cheat, the most classic example is the Toy Watch.

Recent TATA Baby is the fake print by Hermes Birkin bag has become influx of people the most. But TATA Baby was a bit different, be said to be "tribute version", but the price is not flat, but also because Hilary Tsu, Cecilia Cheung and other celebrity, so TATA Baby seems to have become a new generation of It bag, so that the volume of demand, even to the Osaka The Head Office, only accept reservations, but with the Hermes Birkin waiting list as long lines, the money may not buy.T.A.T.A baby is more than rm1000++.

T.A.T.A -- Talking About The Abstractionis the new upcoming brand from Japan. T.A.T.A. and its baby line T.A.T.A. Baby is famous of the fake photo prints items, like pants,jackets and bags. All the products are well-known of the good quality and creative designs. Therefore not only Japanese, celebrities in Hong Kong as Faye Wong and Hilary Tsui also being the fans of T.A.T.A.

However,another hot bag now is Banana Taipei , basically, with the TATA Baby, same as is the Hermes Birkin bag classic handbag printed map on canvas, resulting in a interesting handbags, the most important thing is the price close to the people much. around rm290 only.Can buy it through the Banana taipei Malaysia Facebook.

BANANA Johnson banana bag all candy color, young and energetic. In the official website to see the introduction, detailing the bag production process, certain procedures need to rely on staff for one hour only produce 6 Johnson banana bag, so to book only goods, after reading this introduction, I immediately set one, because of this carefully-making bags, and sold a few hundred dollars worth support and encourage it.

Hilary Tsui
Banana Taipei
Banana Taipei(malaysia)
Kary Ng


~KLaRraPaRiS~ said...

they look lovely ^.^

Anonymous said...

i fall in love into Hermes Birkin bag~ Saw it on tv, Gillian Chung is using it, actually I like the color more than the design~ XD Bright orange color! But so damn expensive~ Currently Banana Taipei is a hit! But I don't think I will get one for myself~ quite expensive too~~~~ T.T

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