Thursday, 30 June 2011

Nike Canteen by UXUS

Nike EMEA Headquarters commissioned UXUS to be part of the team to re-design their corporate canteen.

Amsterdam-based design studio UXUS were the masterminds behind the Nike Canteen that puts every other cafeteria to shame. Their objective was to create a space that inspired ideas and has that sporty, athletic element that reflects the company.

Semi-enclosed areas and cozy spaces offer solitude,while vast tables and counters stimulate interaction. Every element was designed for efficiency and the ability of employees to create a personalized eating experience. Material choices were inspired by sports facilities withcontrasting bright and neutral colors.There are also several booths and graphics of sports stars for that extra touch that really ties the room together.

via: UXUS


Kelvin said...

Hahaha, nice creativity of 2011 NBA final MVP's table :)

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