Friday, 24 June 2011

New Arrival for Havaianas in July

Havaianas Look SLIM in July


 A whole bunch of Slim Collection for all you pretty ladies out there!

From back to basic colors to feminine, delicate, charming yet sophisticated designs, we have one that is bound to look good on you! :)


 Slim - Dark Brown

Priced at RM89.90

Slim - Ocean Green

Priced at RM89.90

Slim - navy  blue

price: rm89.90

 Slim - Black

Priced at RM89.90

Slim Logo Metallic - Sand Grey / Purple

Priced at RM139.90

 Slim Logo Metallic - Sand Grey / Light Green

Priced at RM139.90

 Slim Logo Metallic - Sand Grey / Sugar Coral

Priced at RM139.90


source: HavaianasMalaysia

UNIQLO Save Japan! T-shirts by Karl Lagerfeld, Lady Gaga…will available on tomorrow at UNIQLO store . Read my previous entry :)


The Japanese Birkin T-shirt I designed for VOGUE JAPAN on sale 6/25 at UNIQLO worldwide. $ goes to Tsunami Relief.  


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