Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Plus One Shabu Shabu Steamboat Buffet @ SS2 Branch

Plus One Shabu Shabu Steamboat was running ALL YOU CAN EAT at their SS2 branch nowadays.So we decided to go for having this as our dinner.RM27++ Per person ,you can get the 20% discount from 5pm-10pm and 30% discount from 10pm-3am during everyday.

We arrived at 8pm, they served us(4 persons of us) for the the table with 1 pot for 2 different soup only.I prefer with 1 person serve with 1 pot but there were limited for the table served 1 pot per person,better call for reserved the table before you go.

 The buffet is included of 1 Daily herbal Tea,Homemade meat ball(4 type),streaky pork,Lamb,rib eye steak and either choose 1 of the cheese baked rice,cheese baked macaroni and cheese bake spaghetti.We asked for 2 streaky pork instead of the lamb,we choose the cheese baked macaroni.

There have 7 choice of soup,we choose pork bone and drunken chicken,was tasteless compared what we had eat at here before and the sauce are less choice too.My friends said cannot complaint too much for the buffet. =.= End up,i found that was no different taste with both broth.

the meat and the homemade meatball.

the daily herbal tea (watercress and honey),they free for 1 jug only,we had ordered another 1 jug charged for rm10.

cheese baked macaroni,not nice

 they do served a small corner for the bbq at outside.

check out the video for more food(from webuy.com.my)

Total bill come of rm108.20 for 4 of us. Although the soup are tasteless but i don't mind to go back again because their food are fresh and the reasonable price too.


Plus One Shabu Shabu

No,76,Jalan SS2/60,
47300 Petaling jaya,Selangor

Tel: 03-78770322


Nikel Khor said...

this one seem like ok d..

Anonymous said...

Just came back from this place. Variety is very limited. Not much of a problem, but when the seafood is not fresh and some of the meat/mussel/pork's blood is smelling funny, this is a real problem! A couple of us even smell that their bake spaghetti smell bad. Never be back again. Cannot tolerate bad rotten food being served!

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