Wednesday, 5 October 2011

FarmvilleNYC Cultivates Urban Farming

If urban farming is to become a reality, the city’s citizens have got to be on board. A project called FarmvilleNYC proposes a provocative system through which the public can become an integral part in the process of metropolitan crop harvesting.

Designers Richman Neumann and Mason Hayes were inspired by the way that social media succeeds in connecting people with peers and information, and have constructed a world in which consumers are virtually linked to the produce they intend to eat.

Programmatically, the setup of the physical structure relies on a bit of board game architecture, potentially referencing the Facebook Farmville application. Visitors’ smartphone apps can help them to navigate the inner and outer landscapes of FarmvilleNYC, have a say in the way that planted vegetables are organized and grown, and allow them form tangible and cyber friendships with those whom they encounter within the expansive urban gardens.


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