Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Absolut Vodka Crystal Pinstripe Bottle

Usually a well-tailored suit is complemented by a slinky silk tie, but the Absolut Vodka Crystal Pinstripe bottle is here to be the swanky accessory of all seasons.

The illustrious vodka experts at Absolut teamed up with designers Skogsberg and Smart to create the dynamic design and had the bottles hand cut and crafted by Swedish glassworks company Reijmyre.

To make the new design that much more exclusive, only 800 were made and etch-autographed by a master crystal cutter. Two tumblers are included in the pinstripe-outfitted treasure chest casing matching the neatly grooved bottle and to propel the product into Absolut’s most coveted collection of luxurious liquor-holders.

via: thedrinksbusiness


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