Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Trend Of Bowtie

These adorable bowtie are the creation of SHERWOOD and MIHOKO from Thinkofthe.

Neck Specs take a fresh look at the most classic of all ties: the bow tie. Shaped like popular versions of their eyewear counterparts, Neck Specs offer a bit of stylish wit and humorous decoration.

The Neck Specs line features popular frames, including Architect, D.M.C, Cateye, Classic and Wayfarer, all in bowtie form. The frames are attached to a piece elastic band to support the accessory around the neck.

As the products are self-funded, the inventory on these items are low, so if you want one, you better act fast.You can found this product at  Thinkofthe.

via http://www.thinkofthe.com


ken said...

are they serious? lol.. another new trend coming up!

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