Monday, 20 June 2011

Just For Sharing

Finally i was booked my hotel in Bangkok trip this year. But we were planned to stay for two different hotel in this trip, now we were booked for one hotel only first another one will be book on next month. HAPPY...* praying that i can go Bangkok this year*

Remember for my previous post about newest photography trend ?? 

Today i read this news from Apple Daily. Thais are so creative and trendy nowadays . :)

泰紅衫軍 仆街示威

泰國將於7月3日舉行全國大選,流亡海外前總理戴克辛的妹妹盈拉(Yingluck Shinawatra)代表反對派為泰黨角逐總理,目前為泰黨在多個民調領先執政的民主黨。 

Thai Red Shirts Pujie demonstrations

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ken said...

lots of funny flash mobs nowadays :)

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