Thursday, 28 July 2011

AC-CA Architectural Competition – LONDON Olympic Games Information Pavilion Winning Entries

[AC-CA]has shared the results of the London Olympic Games Information Pavilion International Competition. This idea’s competition was hosted to generate progressive contemporary design solutions and promote architecture experimentation, specuation and discussion. The site of the competition was Trafalgar Square in the heart of London. The ten winning entries were selected out of a total of 164 proposals that were submitted from all over the world.
 The winning entry, submitted by Jose Carlos Cruz, Ines Guedes, Miguel Santos and Antonio Cruz of Porto, Portugal was chosen for its elegence and relevance to the subject of the competition. Although it might seem quite literal, it is a project that lends great potential to the architecture below the ‘rings’: curving spaces with intriguing opportunities for natural light and views. The proposal shows great spatial awareness and an understanding of the significance of the space that the form of the architecture creates around it. The jury commended the proposal for its clear ideas of interlinking and harmonious relationships to the site and its use of recycled metal. The curvature of the forms creates no identifiable back or front for the pavilion, opening it up completely to the Trafalgar Square and inviting visitors to enter from all sides.

The winners of the London Olympic Games Information Pavilion were selected by a jury of three: Matthew Lloyd, Architect (British); Brigitte Lodolini, Architect/Lecturer (French); and Juan Carlos Sanchez Rodriguez, Architect (Columbian) along with an [AC-CA] consultant overseeing each stage of the judging process. Entries were evaluated on five main criteria: intelligent and appropriate use of design principles, use of space and percieved traffic flow within the space, design’s aesthetics and originality, the use of sustainable materials and clarity and comprehensibility of the design.

via: [AC-CA]


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