Thursday, 14 July 2011

Levi's Commuter Series For Cyclist

Increasing pressures from environmentalists and the chaotic condition of urban roadways encourages people to ride their bicycles to work. Thankfully, the new Levi’s Commuter Series is here to help make life a little easier for abused cyclists who are constantly taking crap from drivers and thieves alike.

The clothing label has revealed the Trucker Jacket, a jean jacket with large accessible pockets that continue around the back of the coat. Flaps in the fabric make the material easy to breath in once you’ve worked up a sweat, and a antimicrobial odor protection deals with the rest. The 511 Skinny Commuter denim jeans have been equipped with additional pockets, a double waistband to store your bike lock, and reflective accents under the cuffs that can also be found elsewhere on items from the Levi’s Commuter Series.

 Office-wide, the Trucker Jacket ($128), based on a 1967 design, elicited the most oohs-and-ahs for its long cut with a slight drop tail that, despite pockets (including one for an iPod) and flaps, manages to look streamlined on both men and women. Front pockets are angled for easy access, extra fabric in the underarm adds mobility, and a lip on the cuff partially covers hands while riding.

For bottoms, Levi's built a loop into the waistband of the 511 Skinny Commuter pants (available in elasticized denim or khaki, $78 each) for toting u-locks without cumbersome racks or shoving them down your pants. Roll up the cuff, and reflective tape on the inner seam provides increased safety at night, while a reinforced crotch saves you from regular trips to the tailor.

Look out for these and few other pant lengths in Levi's and Urban Outfitters retail locations this summer.

via: store.levi , refinery29


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