Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mini Screenless Cameras by Or Leviteh

Although the MMI camera may look suspiciously like an Apple iPod Shuffle, don’t be mistaken; this little gadget actually takes pictures. The MMI camera does away with the LED screen that most people have become so dependent on, making it all the more compact.

Designed by Or Leviteh, the MMI camera does this in order to create a device that focuses on quality and convenience more than anything else. Interestingly enough, the user can sync the MMI camera with his or her smartphone or iPod so as to use it as both a remote control and an independent screen to view the pictures taken.

Especially perfect for portraits, the MMI camera is lightweight and portable, making it easy to have on hand on a daily basis.

Check out the demo video

MMI from Or Leviteh on Vimeo.

via: orleviteh


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