Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fred and Friends Flashback iPhone Case

Sure, our old-school calculators didn’t get much work during math class, they were reserved for typing out “BOOBIES” and having a good chuckle everytime.  Still, seeing them shoots us back Delorean-style and puts a smile on our face.  Now, you can protect your modern iPhone with some nostalgia.  Namely, disguise it as a Nintendo controller, dial radio, or a retroly cool camera.  It feels like technology moves at warp speed, so this is the perfect way to hold on to a bit of your youth while you organize your entire life on a pocket size gadget that would have literally exploded your head in the 80′s (okay, not “literally”).  Next we hope they make an iPad case that resembles a Trapper Keeper. Get it here $15.
 similiar to this but different brand..get it in mac store at rm79-89.. :)


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