Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Gresso white iPhone4 ‘Lady Blanche’ for ladies

When it comes to luxury phones, the name that cannot be missed out is Gresso. The brand has always amazed us with gadgetry by launching phones that can be customized with owner’s initials or the iPhone4 Time Machine, Gresso has exclusively created much for people living in the beat of world time.

Yes, these Swiss clocks are encrusted at the back side of the phone accompanied by the boxes which hold diamonds. The clocks display the time for three different places; New York, London and Mosco time zones. The clock comes with at least 10 years of warranty that makes it long lasting.

The glass on the backside has been replaced with real diamond coated mineral glass so that the diamonds won’t drop out. The diamonds can be replaced with the Swarovski crystals according to your preferences. The design created by the company is especially for the people who are in love with their bling quotient as the stones and the crystals are meant to give that blingy effect.
The diamonds and crystals are set in a way that they move freely inside the decorative dials so that the whole phone can really sparkle. To add to the shine of the phone, the diamonds and crystals are decorated by the supple glow of the natural Antillian La burgaudine.

The company claims that it took few hundred hours to create the masterpiece and hence justify the high price of the iPhone Lady Blanche. The crystal edition iPhone costs $7,000 while the diamonds’ one costs $30,000 and is available at Gresso online boutique.

via: Gresso


Nava.K said...

such a luxury to own this but if I can afford it, why not.

Kiki's Land said...

Nava.K : ya...but i can;t afford it :p

Charmaine said...

Wow! super nice!

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