Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Robert Duffy Strips Down In Marc Jacobs YouTube Clip, Then Removes It (PHOTOS)

R.I.P. the footage of Robert Duffy Stripping.

By far the most bizarre thing we saw all day was a video on the Marc Jacobs Youtube channel in which Robert Duffy, president of Marc Jacobs, stripped down to his tighty whities in the company's stock room. Slowly. To seductive music.

The camera languished on his toned stomach and his, um, junk, as the price of each item he removed flashed across the screen (a diamond cross pendant from Marc Jacobs, we learned, will set you back $50,000).

The clip was removed from the internets almost immediately after we watched it, but don't worry, we got the screenshots to prove its existence.

Duffy is also known to Tweet and Delete, once posting a picture of a naked guy pole dancing at the Marc Jacobs show after-party last year. He took down the image, writing at the time, "The pic of the guy from the party was taken down because Fr-d didn't want it up anymore. I thought it harmless. His wife didn't. Sorry," then closed out his Twitter account.

via: huffingtonpost


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