Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound 5 Encore

Bang & Olufsen, the firm that is renowned for its high end home theaters and custom multi-room music systems,has now introduced the Beosound 5 Encore music hub, which builds an advanced interface of the Beosound 5 system introduced earlier. Aimed straight at the audiophiles, this system, like most gadgetry from B&O, brings in technology and innovation which is barely rivaled in the audio industry. The Encore 5 system gives its users access to over 13,000 radio stations from around the world, with music and audio in different languages as per preference.

Also if you have a collection of digital music in a variety of spaces, you can integrate the same with this system, as it has the flexibility of reading from USB sources, NAS servers, an external computer or even a cell phone. Also the added benefit of remote controlling of digital audio in the system allows for control from remote sources without being physically present near the device every time. The built software shall also be of considerable help, as it organizes all your music according to genre, singer and title which means you get to play your favorite track with a few swipes of your fingers on the 10.4” touch screen and aluminum dial on the side of the controller.

With remote access being in demand from places which are geographically distant, the system comes in handy as it allows you to store your digital music at a single location from where it can be accessed and controlled via the net. So if you have your iPad, iPhone or iPod with your favorite tracks in them, the Encore 5 system can access it all easily and play it on the speakers to give you the supreme audio experience it is known for.

So, if you have the giant size music collection or are in the process of making one, and also have the necessary cash, the Beosound Encore 5 audio hub might be your gizmo of choice.

via: bang-olufsen


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