Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Elephant @ Sri Hartamas

Been visited My Elephant Section 17 few times already. This was my first visit at the other branch at Sri Hartamas.

Thought My Elephant Sri Hartamas was newly opened won't be packed like Section 17. Unexpected was packed too.We didn't managed to do any reservation so have to wait for a while to get our table.

My Elephant is serving Northern Thai foods. My first time visited My Elephant at Section 17 with jk to meet up his friend which is one of the boss here. The boss was ordered foods for us before we were reached. The food was very nice. After that we brought some of our friends to there also said the food was nice. :)

Miaeng Kum
DIY Daun Kadok Wraps with Coconut Crisps, Peanuts, Dried Shrimp and Assorted Condiments Topped with a Sweet-Sour Tamarind-Plum Sauce. Be warned, this dish can be very addictive!

Som Tam Malakor
Hand-pounded Green Papaya with Dried Prawns & Peanuts. Every Thai’s Favourite Salad and a Slimmer’s Secret too !

Gaeng Keow Wan (with chicken/fish)
Thai Green Curry with Chicken.

 Tom Yam soup

Vege Paku

‘Snow’ Fish
Salt-baked Fish with My Elephant’s Signature Green Chilli Sauce.
Our Super Best Seller ! 

Plah Meuk Yaeng
Pan-seared Squid Marinated in Thai Soya Sauce. Simple yet Tasty.

Pandan Cooler
myElephant’s Super Cooling Thirst Quencher

The Menu

The crowds only leave after 10pm, once the kitchen is closed.I only get the chance to take some photo of their interior. :)

My Elephant,
20-2 jalan sri hartamas 8
Taman sri hartamas kl 
Tel: 010-220-1283
Tues - Sun: 12:00 pm-2:30 pm

 6:00 pm-10:00 pm


Nava.K said...

Wow, some of what you ordered is different being served at this place.

Will try if I am at PJ since my hubby and me enjoy Thai food so much.

y--square said...

Pandan cooler? Hmm.. wonder whats that ~

Kiki's Land said...

Nava.k : make sure to call for reservation before you go.If not have to wait.

y-square : i don't know what's the recipe is that.But feel cooling and refresh. :)

Ronaldmohoni said...

nice place :)

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