Friday, 22 July 2011

Love Is Everywhere

Tiffany & Co. have introduced a new website and iPhone application that are designed to share tales of real-life couples who recall — on film and in photographs — romantic roads taken in life. Visitors will also find a compendium of tips for love-struck couples. In addition, the website explores Manhattan, which Tiffany & Co. called the “ultimate city for falling ecstatically in love.” Find romantic restaurants, tag a map where you had a romantic encounter… For a jewellery shop it’s a pretty good effort.

The website,, debuted with filmmaker Edward Burns’ “Will You Marry Me?,” a short film he created exclusively for Tiffany & Co. Burns presents a variety of couples who share heartfelt, humorous and surprising episodes from their romantic journeys. Burns photographed the couples in New York settings and incorporated jewelry, photographs or love letters that have been symbols of their life together.

via: whatmakeslovetrue


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