Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dell Alienware : Area 52

MediaCom Australia offers Dell Alienware computers a great product demonstration. Considering gamers are looking to be transported away from their everyday lives to an other worldly, immersed fantasy experience, MediaCom’s strategy was to demonstrate that Alienware machines have the graphics and processing power to do this better than anyone else.

On 7th July 2011 the MediaCom Dell Alienware team with the help of special effects designers from Boffswana,  created a world-first visual experience called Live Dimension Reality at an exclusive event in Melbourne entitled ….. Alienware : Area 52. Now while ‘Dimension Reality’ is not new this is the first time live 3D motion mapping has been combined with live action, stunts, actors, special effects, pyrotechnics and a theatrical storyline and narration, to create the feeling of being inside a computer game.

Alienware computers were the driving force behind the production and were used exclusively for the high resolution rendering of the 3D projection mapping and film. Two Alienware machines rendered 2400 high-definition (HD) frames per day with a total of over 50,000 unique frames rendered across four weeks. The audience experienced a total of 104,070 frames output through ten HD projectors.
The Airstream is now set to tour Australia on the Area 52 tour, where gamers can visit the Airstream to sample the Alienware products.

If you are in Australia and have the chance to attend one of these shows, don’t hesitate to share your experience.

via: alienwarearena


Syun said...

Looks so interesting!Thanks for sharing about this! =)

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