Monday, 1 August 2011

Restoran Sekinchan Ikan Bakar @ Segambut

Everytime pass by Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Restaurant there are so many people waiting both inside and outdoor. I guess that's what draw my attention to pay a visit and try out their dishes.They have many branches around Klang Valley,we choose the nearest place- Segambut.Looks like there were not much people today.

the HUGE signboard, a trademark on their every branch

the menu with variety of choice like Ikan kembung, Ikan Yam,Ikan Sebelah, Ikan Cencaru, Ikan Pari, Ikan Siakap, Kerang, Lala and many more.

After we had ordered our drink,we were advised to make the order at the fish counter by self-service.And they were have 2 type of rice to be choose, white rice and nasi lemak.We all choose the white rice.

 we suppose to be order lala clams,but the staff told us was only leave on this,so we order kerang instead of lala

There were choices of raw squid, prawns, different types of fish, clams and other seafood available on the counter, and we had to choose the ones we wanted to be grilled. We had ordered one ikan sebelah,two ikan pari,kerang and abalone mushroom.Fish and the seafoods are count on weight and the vegetable is rm5 per plate.The staff told us have to wait for 30 minutes for grilled.

While waiting for the grilled fish to arrive, our growling stomachs couldn’t stand the hunger and we ordered a keropok ikan to shared first.
 keropok ikan rm3.00,taste nice but did not fill our hunger tummy...hmm....

kerang rm9.80
 ikan pari rm35(rm7/100g)

 ikan sebelah rm36.40

abalone mushroom rm5

All dishes were drenched with the same sauce,it's taste sour, spicy and slightly sweet sauce,not so flavourful for us.It would remind us for the delicious protugese grilled fish in the mid valley,definitely cannot compared with it.

Being grilled, I was expecting the fish to have some charred bits on the surface, or at least some crispy edges like how normal grilled/BBQ fish would have. But there was none of those. It tasted more like steamed fish to us.

The worst of the the lot though,i found that was unfresh on one of the ikan pari and got the strong taste were irritated my nose.I asked my friends to taste it as well,they felt the same as mine.We reported to the staff and they advice us to cancel or replace.We ask for replace with the same size of ikan pari.

We started to regretted to asked for replace cause had to wait for 30 minute to grilled.

The meal for 5 came up to RM116.70 with few dishes,small portion only ,slightly expensive and we were not even satisfied.Their slogan is segar,sedap,halal.The worst i had experience with unfresh fish for my first time visited.I definitely won't come back for visit again.

Restoran Sekinchan Ikan Bakar 
1A-2-1 Avenue,Jalan 1/38A,
Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut,K.L

tel : 03-62525575


Nava.K said...

thats a very honest review, I can imagine how the smell can be when they don't use fresh fish.

Kahmon said...

Wa... quite expensive. But all seafood right?? >,<

My friends say it's doesnt taste that good but I think depends. =]

Kiki's Land said...

Nava.K's very bad taste for the unfresh bad experience for the 1st time visit :(

Kahmon: ya..quite expensive..agreed with your friend...

♥ JOANN said...

wanted to try it till i read this. thanks a lot! haha

bubble_cathy said...

I want eat leh!!

bubble_cathy said...

i wan to eat leh!!

Kiki's Land said...

cathy: are you serious ??

bubble_cathy said...

yalor, i like seafood like fish, lala, ham and crab.. bakar is nice!

Kiki's Land said...

cathy: but not for here...taste so so only...

AJ said...

euwwwww..unfresh fish yucks! :)

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