Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Andy Warhol At 83 Years Old

Even though he’s long gone, Andy Warhol’s importance in the art community is still felt, as is demonstrated by this Andy Warhol at 83 Years Old sculpture. The hyperrealistic recreation of the trailblazing artist is the work of Edgar Askelovic, and it’s incredible that he managed the feat of making such a convincing life-sized sculpture.

The Andy Warhol at 83 Years Old sculpture can be seen at the McDermott galleries in England, and the asking price for the incredible statue is an impressive £9,995. Even as a statue, Andy Warhol is killing it in the style department.

And i was looking for "Fatory Girl" movie...hmmm...

via: sweet-station


Nava.K said...

Its all about looking at it from the arts perspective.

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