Thursday, 4 August 2011

My name is Simone - Smallable Patrice and Béatrice plush toy

"OMG!!!! It's really cute....."

Caroline Castagna-Suarez, aka Simone, finds that "Sometimes, growing up stinks". Therefore, she spends her free time battling against Seriousness, in every way she can. She invented a world where adults are old fashion, have funny faces, mustaches or glasses. Please meet Jean-Louis the divorced public accountant, Rosalie, Henry, Arsène, and many others … A funny little smirk to our everyday life, but such a delight for us and for our little ones !

Patrice and Béatrice met on, the first dating website for plush toys, where they are exclusively available.

via: smallable


LauraLeia said...

These are so quirky and cool! :D

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