Monday, 22 August 2011

Adidas Jeremy Scott Tiger Tuxedo Jacket

If anyone ever wanted to wear a jungle cat on their body without going through the cruelty of getting a real one, the Jeremy Scott Tiger Tuxedo Jacket will do.

The ongoing collaboration between Adidas and designer Jeremy Scott has brought together some strange fashion that many have come to enjoy over the years. This time, the decided to venture outside of footwear. The Jeremy Scott Tiger Tuxedo Jacket reinvents formalwear by injecting the jungle cat as its focal design. It’s in complete orange with black stripes, and it even has a hoodie with ears to complete the cat look.

With Jeremy Scott and Adidas continuing a strong relationship in design, there’s no telling what will come next. Perhaps something even more eccentric than the Jeremy Scott Tiger Tuxedo Jacket?

via: upscalehype


Versace Clothing said...

I've never seen such a cute tuxedos like that, it looks like the tuxedo wearing by tiger in Winnie the pooh.

anna loves jedward said...

jedward wear this :D my mum has orderd me one !!!

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