Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Burberry Bright Foldable Sunglasses

When it comes to a compact size and portability, it’s hard to find a pair of shades that matches up to the Burberry Bright Foldable Sunglasses.

The reason I mention compact size isn’t because the shades themselves are a lot smaller in scale. Instead, the Burberry Bright Foldable Sunglasses have the ability to change into a more petite, portable size, which is perfect if you’re out as day turns into night. The accessory can fold in two so that you don’t have to worry about busting its frame. The overall style takes on a retro look with vibrant single-tone colors and the brand’s name written on the side of the arms. These sunglasses are worth considering if you’re looking for something that’s both stylish and ultra-portable at the same time.

via: selectism


allkindsofsunglasses.com said...

wow these are a great idea, so many times my shades have dropped out of my pocket or been broken because I've forgot they were in my back pocket, great product!

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