Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Japan Newest Fashion Trend-Teeth Art Tattoos

According an article in Ginza Magazine ,recently the Teeth Art Tattoos are the newest fashion trend in Japan.

Having been available in other countries before it is only now that teeth art is starting to creep onto the fashion scene here in Japan also. The most popular global designs tend to be diamond shape or any glittering rhinestone, giving wearers a ‘blinged’ up smile.

According to the magazine, the process of attaching teeth tattoos is both safe and easy; Glue is applied to the enamel, an LED light fastens the tattoo to the tooth, where it will remain for a few days. (according to the information given at “Heart Dental Clinic” in Minato Ward in Tokyo) and in this way, you can freely design your personal combination and display different and unique smiles whenever you want.

via: japantrends


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