Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ray-Ban New Flip Out Aviators Sunglasses

When we talk about aviators, the first thing that would strike anybody’s mind would be the stylish Ray-Ban, the company that originated the style 70 years ago. The sporty and smart glasses are oval in shape and fits perfectly towards the bridge of the nose. Created for the pilots as they needed antiglare glasses, the aviators became popular for common people in the year 1986 with the popularity of Tom Cruise in Top gun. Hence, with the ever-growing popularity of these glasses, Ray-Ban has rolled out new interchangeable lenses for different looks in diverse occasion.

The new design Clip In Flip Out make the user customize the color of the lenses on their own. The kit of three effortlessly interchangeable lenses comes in three different shades: gold, black and gunmetal. The classic frames not only look elegant but are made of best glass making technology, and these frames, glasses are lighter and more durable.

As Ray-Ban is famous for its flawless designs, the credit goes to the high-end technologies used in the manufacturing of these masterpieces. The lenses that are used in the making of the glasses are made of carbon-fiber that is an extremely sturdy yet enormously lightweight material. The glasses are made of a patent hyper-technological process with anti reflective coats. The process ensures outstanding polarization and protects your eyes from harmful UV rays.

via: selectism


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