Monday, 22 August 2011

Peter Thiel Funding Floating Nations

Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, has donated $1.25 million to the Seasteading Institutewhich will make it possible to built small nations which would be floating freely in the waters of the ocean, and wouldn’t have the law of any other nation applied on them. With the basic motive at creating new spaces and new societies where governance is vastly different from any other place on earth, the venture seems to be garnering attention at creating floating pieces of land which will be perfect equivalents of those which are stationary.

Peter Thiel has been behind this venture since the past few years where he has made significant donations towards this cause. A firm believer of Libertarian way of leading lives, Peter believes that this venture has every reason to be successful, as the advancements on the current prototypes are going ahead at break-neck speed, and better facilities on the island would mean greater investments and business opportunities for them, which in turn would result in a self-reliant economy, and also the prospect of higher prices for real estate. The existing version is a 12,000 ton structure similar to that of an oil rig, and is powered by diesel to moving about at sea. Ideas are being experimented with to make them more eco-friendly and feasible practically, like creating civil buildings and structures and everyday amenities like roads and railway. This version also has a current capacity of 270 people but if calculations are to go by, then the numbers are to go up by thousands and eventually millions by 2050, as per Petri Friedman who is a pioneer working on the concept. There is also a strong effort towards developing an office building near San Francisco.

 via: chicagomag


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