Friday, 9 September 2011

The Shake-To-Undo App Lets You Erase Mistakes With a Simple Shake

If you see a Mac owner shaking their laptop vigorously, assume they are making use of the new Shake-to-Undo Mac app. The app was created by Nate Stedman and functions exactly like the iPhone’s shake to undo function, erasing anything users are currently working on with just a simple shake. The app makes use of the Mac’s accelerometer (the device that detects sudden changes in speed to protect one’s hard drive from damage during falls) as a sort of hacked CMD Z key.

The Shake-to-Undo Mac app is fun to use, yet slightly dangerous. Still, it is nice to see designers blurring the line between Apple’s mobile devices and computers. The Shake-to-Undo Mac app is available to download for free now.

via: dvice


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