Thursday, 15 September 2011

Paper flip-flops upcycled from old newspapers

Paper Flops are flip flops made of newspaper by socially disadvantaged workers in Jakarta, Indonesia. The shoes are made of newspaper and other sustainable materials such as coconut shells, palm tree roots and natural rubber.
In addition to being environmentally responsible, Paper Flops are socially responsible. The workers behind these creative sandals range from street children to mentally disabled adults, all of whom get a chance to learn valuable skills and provide for their families.

It takes approximately 1 kilogram of newspaper to make a pair of these flip flops, with each pair being priced at $35 for a pre-sale pair. Oh, and don’t worry about these flip flops turning to mush when wet.  Each pair of Paper Flops is covered in an all-natural water sealant.

via: springwise


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