Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Case-Mate Posts Images of iPhone 5 Cases Online

Every single time Apple comes out with a next generation of any product, people freak—and the release of the Case-Mate iPhone 5 cases was akin to something of a mini Internet bash.

Case-Mate makes iPhone accessories and sells itself as a ridiculously up-to-date manufacturer, having created multiple designs depending on what Apple eventually releases in the coming weeks. “The guessing game continues whether Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S,” Case-Mate states on its website. Either way, the Case-Mate iPhone 5 cases will have you ready to roll with the hottest—and newest—gadget on the market.

Take a look through the featured gallery and see if the designs are similar to what you thought they would look like. GeekSugar.com suggested that the iPhone 5 would be thinner and have a wider body. Judging by these designs, they might be right.

via: case-mategeeksugar


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