Thursday, 29 September 2011

BlackBerry Holder by Alexander McQueen

The new BlackBerry Holder by Alexander McQueen will have fashionistas stylishly dressing their phones for chic protection. This gorgeous accessory is the new addition to the BlackBerry world, and will certainly make a grandiose impact in the world of both fashion and tech. These cases will not only keep your phone protected, but will also add spark and personality to the average mobile device. Made of pure leather, the cases come in three fantastic colors and prints: bright blue, pink/red and black/leopard. My favorite detail is the skull charm with crystal eyes, which couldn’t be left out for obvious reasons. The BlackBerry Holder by Alexander McQueen has given me a thousand reasons to love my BlackBerry more than ever before. The design, colors and the incomparable signature of the British designer couldn't make chic individuals more excited to call their friends.

via: gizmodiva


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