Thursday, 15 September 2011

Koriko iPhone Dock Features a Shape-Shifting Tail

The Koriko iPhone dock is a fun and innovative concept from designer Mac Funamizu. The device has been designed with an interactive tail that makes mundane call and email notifications fun.

The tail is connected to the rear arm of the dock and looks similar to a power chord. This docile look is deceptive as the cord instantly perks up and changes its shape to form a variety of figures. The tail can form an envelope to alert you of emails and a phone for phone calls. The tail is also interactive, forming buttons to control music and hands to wave goodbye to you when you power the dock down. The solid portion of the dock comes with speakers adding an extra bit of functionality to this design.

The Koriko iPhone dock is definitely a few years ahead of its time. Still, it is nice to see a designer put a little life into a piece of technology. How many gadgets wave goodbye nowadays?

via: designbuzz


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