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The Black Smurfs Story

Due to The Smurfs movie start in theater on 1st September.I wonder what the story about "The Black Smurfs".My boyfriend bought the Black Smurfs toy in Hong Kong 5 years ago.I had never knew that smurfs had in black color even thought i had watched the smurfs animation since i was young,thought was another kind of limit edition.

Until The Smurfs Movie on theater now i only think to search the info for the black smurfs.

source from wikipedia

The Purple Smurfs (original French title Les Schtroumpfs Noirs, literally The Black Smurfs) is the first album of the original French-language Smurfs comic series created by Belgian artist Peyo, first published in 1963.
part from the titular one, it contains two other stories: The Flying Smurf (Le Schtroumpf Volant) and The Smurfnapper (Le Voleur de Schtroumpfs).

The Black Smurfs

In a little mushroom village live the Smurfs, diminutive blue-skinned humanoid creatures. One day, one of them gets stung by a black fly that turns his skin jet black, drives him insane and reduces his vocabulary to the single word "gnap!" He bounces around and bites other Smurfs on their tail, which turns them into black Smurfs as well. Soon, almost everyone in the village has become a black Smurf, and Papa Smurf, the leader, tries to find a cure and cease the tail-biting epidemic. The cure is found in magnolia pollen, which is gathered in great quantity and loaded in fireplace bellows to be used as impromptu ranged weapons against contaminated Smurfs. The black Smurf has to inhale the pollen, which, after a loud and powerful sneeze, causes him to revert to his usual blue-skinned bonhomie. A great battle is fought outside the village, as the black, tail-biting horde closes in, threatening to destroy Smurf civilization for good.
The first black Smurf to have been transformed, meanwhile, recovers some semblance of ingenuity and paints himself blue to avoid being sprayed by the pollen-powered antidote. This allows him to ambush several normal Smurfs and reverse the outcome of the clash. In the end, only Papa Smurf still stands. He rushes to the lab to reload his bellow but is bitten while doing so. As he turns, he lets the large pollen jar fall into the fire, which causes the whole lab to explode. The resulting pollen cloud descends on the raving black Smurfs, reverting them to normality once and for all.
This story was later used as the basis for an episode of the Smurfs cartoon, though their skin color was changed from black to purple, due to Racial connotation.

source from goodcomics

COMIC LEGEND: The first Smurfs album was basically about zombie Smurfs!
Reader Jonathan A. wrote in to mention this one, and he’s right, it’s a good one!

The Smurfs (or, as they were known in the Franco-Belgium comics where they debuted, Les Schtroumpfs) first appeared in comic writer/artist Peyo’s light-hearted sword and sorcery series, Johan et Pirlouit (Johan and Peewit) in 1958. They were quite popular and by 1959 they were starring in their own back-up stories.
Their first album came out in 1963, titled Les Schtroumpfs Noirs – the Black Smurfs.
And the Black Smurfs, their first solo comic title, was basically about zombie smurfs!!!
You see, a Smurf in the comic is stung by a rare fly who effectively turns him into a zombie (his skin turns black). He then bites other Smurfs, who ALSO turn into zombies!
The comic was never reprinted in the United States (I don’t know why – likely the “Black” thing, but perhaps the zombie aspect of it, also?), so I’ll have to share with you the French pages (Smurf comics aren’t exactly hard to follow, luckily)…

And after Papa Smurf comes up with an antidote, the remaining unaffected Smurfs face off against their “turned” brethren…

In the end, though, Papa Smurf is the only Smurf left standing (through a clever ruse when one of the Black Smurfs paints himself blue to avoid being doused with the antidote). As he is being turned, as well, luckily, an explosion releases the antidote to all the Smurfs…

The story was later adapted into the Hanna Barbera cartoon, but in the cartoon, they turned PURPLE, not black.

The Purple Smurfs(The Black Smurfs) Cartoon


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