Monday, 5 September 2011

Custom made AeroDream One iPod tower by Jean Michel Jarre

Aerobeam One iPod tower
Aerobeam One iPod tower Aerobeam One by Jarre technologies is the tallest iPod tower

Jean Michel Jarre, the multifaceted artist, known for introducing electronic music back in 1971, is now once again bringing the revolution to the music industry with AeroDream One, the ultimate tower station for iPod, iPad and iPhone. Introduced by Jarre Technologies at IFA in Berlin, the iPod tower is designed to stand tall amongst all your gadgetry, as it measures no less than 3.40 m. A small scale is also attached to enable you to climb up to the top to install your audio device. In addition to its compatibility with the Apple portable devices, the AeroDream One can also accommodate other devices via its 6.35 mm jack. The deadly looks are matched to deliver powerful output of 10 000W, with 5 channels amplifier, and a relatively impressive subwoofer 18 “. Also, a heavyweight champion measuring since with 395 kg on the scales, this is certainly meant to be part of your living room like a pricey art sculpture. The tubular shape makes it sleek even though huge in form. This outrageous iPod tower is custom made, and available in 3 color preferences, chrome, black, and white.

And, the buyer would also get a get two free VIP tickets to one of Jean Michel Jarre’s concerts during the World Wide Tour and a chance to meet Jean Michel Jarre in person.

Via: Jarre


LauraLeia said...

Hahaha! Very creative, but kinda.... extra?

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