Friday, 9 March 2012

Cobble Necklace by Louis Filosa

Louis Filosa's 3D printed Cobble Necklace has won the FOC Talents Challenge 2011 summer edition which was held in cooperation with designer Ross Lovegrove.

The summer edition of the FOC Talents Challenge 2011 was awarded to designers who interpreted designer Ross Lovegrove's brief for a vision of "organic essentialism".

Says Lovegrove about the Cobble: "I find erosion a fantastic provider of form and it could be a metaphor for infinite form."

"What I also like about this work is the contained object which has an almost tribal quality and something more contemporary in the way it is worn... I like its strength and wearability almost as if emotions can crawl inside and live there... ritualistic."
Says FOC, "The Cobble Necklace is a precious collectible, visually intriguing as a complex piece of jewellery or as a beautiful, organic, and self-contained object."

Second place was awarded to the Park necklace design by Pekka Salokannel. "The design is inspired by the concept of parks incorporating two separate and distinct styles (man-made and natural scenery) to express their intrinsic beauty."

"The double faced necklace also has two distinctly unique sides that allow the wearer to express a different mood for different occasions. "It's all about your mood at the moment - which side you love the most" explains Pekka.

 Can get it here.

via: freedomofcreation


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