Friday, 4 May 2012

Video Puzzle Video for "We Are Young"

In perhaps the most popular video cover yet, up-and-coming YouTube user MysteryGuitarMan has made an eye-catching and clever iPhone ‘video puzzle’ of newcomer band Fun.‘s infectious debut single, ‘We Are Young.’

Adopting a technique that can only be described as puzzling, MysteryGuitarMan uses images and sounds from multiple iPhones to make a seamless music video that syncs quite nicely with the original lyrics and tone of the single. The video used in the YouTube clip blends across the phones with an amazing amount of accuracy, while the lyrics of the song are literally spelled out across the four phones. Constantly in motion, the carefully synchronized devices are truly capitivating.

Incredibly creative and bound to further popularize an already well-known track, MysteryGuitarMan’s video is something to look out for. With more than 800 000 views so far, it’s clear that there is an audience for the video puzzle.



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