Thursday, 10 May 2012

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Polaroid and lomography fanatics will be salivating over the Instagram Socialmatic Camera by ADR Design. Although the design is still just a concept, Instagram diehards would jump at the opportunity to test these snappy cameras out. Considering the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, this captivating social network-inspired equipment might not be a far-fetched idea.

The pocket-sized camera is equipped with WiFi and bluetooth for instant uploading to the world wide web. There is ample storage space to keep all those precious snapshots safely stored. The feature-packed camera also has interchangeable lenses that allow photographers more control over their compositions.

The built-in color printer allows snappers to physically publish shots instantly. The polaroid-like prints are stamped with a QR code that directs viewers to its digital counterpart. The Instagram Socialmatic Camera brings the social network giant to life by allowing photographers to virtually and physically share their work.

via: adr-studio


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