Thursday, 10 May 2012

Holga iPhone Lens By Photojojo

Instead of buying a ton of lenses for one’s smartphone camera, one can simply purchase the Holga iPhone Lens by Photojojo that comes as a rotating ring of lenses that can be attached to the back of an iPhone. The fixture has a multicolored lens that can rotate above the iPhone’s actual camera lens and provide various tints to photographs. Some colors even have outlines of shapes such as hearts to add further interest to a photograph’s focal point.

It is made to fit right at the back of the phone and does not add much size so it can still be left in one’s pocket when idle. There are nine different lenses to rotate, making this accessory well worth it as it can do much more than any regular tinting app can do at the moment.

via: photojojo


redlomo said...

like lomo.. lens... unique..

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