Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Vodka Limited Edition ABSOLUT 72 Bian

ABSOLUT released a China limited edition bottle designed by Chinese avant-garde artist Gao Yu.

I get this Vodka Limited edition ABSOLUT 72 Bian in cold storage only at rm110.

The hero on the bottle is, unmistakably, the mischievous Monkey King, widely known for his 72 transformations, and hence the code name for this edition – '72 Bian'. Yu has given this mythical character (made famous by the Chinese classic 'Journey to the West') cartoon-like features to portray the fusion of modern and traditional art. But if you look closely, you'd notice the big Mickey Mouse-like ears on the Monkey. And therein lies the humour of this work – the figures on the bottle were meant to be a panda that has transformed himself into the Monkey King. 'His [the Monkey King] unrestrained character, boldness and creativity inspired us to explore our potentials,' says Yu on the reason behind his chosen design. Gao Yu is one of the most commercially successful artists from the post '80s generation. His paintings have been auctioned off by Christie's and Sotheby's at record breaking bids.

The ABSOLUT 72 Bian comes in a gift set that includes a 700ml bottle, a Martini glass that doubles as a shooter glass, as well as a cocktail booklet.

Get the ABSOLUT 72 Bian at all Cold Storage, Tesco and Jaya Jusco outlets (From RM100). Read more about Gao Yu here.

via: timeoutkl


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