Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Restoran Siaw Kah Hot And Spicy Soup @ Kajang

I guess everyone must know kajang is famous with Satay.Beside satay, lat tong mean hot & spicy soup is well know in kajang also.

Well, i am a fan of Seri Kembangaan hot and spicy soup as i heard of kajang is famous of that.I always want to try kajang lat tong since long but i don't really know about kajang road. -.-''  Finally my friend was brought me to this Restoran Siaw Kah at Sg Chua,Kajang.

Lat tong, hot and spicy soup is origin from hakka people in kajang.Some people say is origin from siaw kah,some say from fatty or aheko.

There was crowded during dinner time,we need to waited for a while to get our table.

 The main dish Siew Kah Spicy Hot Soup that was at the glare of publicity, turned out not so satisfying after all..

There were chunks of pork, chicken, vegetables, ginger slices and the fiery white pepper. However, i still think that the Kien Kee Hot Soup at Seri Kembangan do give better stimulating factor to ignite your palate.And Kien Kee is more spicy than this, maybe i like take spicy.

Another main dish Fa Diu Gai (Chinese Wine Chicken), With a hint of chinese wine that blended well with the sticky dark sauce.This disappointed me too, tasteless.Still the Kien Kee do the better on it.

Claypot Taufu, i thought this was the greatest dish among our ordered that night.

Stir-fry kangkung

Braised Pork Slices With Yam, just normal,nothing to shout out.My mum do cooked well better than this. :)

Claimed they serve one of the best hot soup in town, I was kind of unwilling to say so since I had my best hot soup back at my place in Seri Kembangan.... But the price here is much more cheaper than Seri Kembangan.Total around rm120 for 6 pax.

Well.... you'll never know till you try! :)

 Siaw Kah Restaurant -Non halal
No. 274,
Jalan Berjaya 9,

Taman Berjaya,
Sungai Chua, Kajang

tel: 03-87341087


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