Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Lovely Weekend

I can eat my favorite 芒果青green mango ice from taiwan..YEAHHHHH...was so happyyyyyyy........and duck tongue as well...duck tongue always can get to eat but  芒果青green mango ice is seasonal so not always can eat.

 but this was too sweet compare with the last time i ate 杜老爺福爾摩沙芒果青

this杜老爺福爾摩沙芒果青 taste more sour and good


pineapple pastry from taiwan. A small rectangular shortbread pastry filled with pineapple jam.

Personally i'm not very like to eat pineapple pastry but this ChiaTe pineapple pastry was taste so yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy....You can go visit their website but the website is all in Chinese, but if you go, you'll see pictures of all the awards they've won.

Camwhore while waiting for Jack ...

 i'm wearing
dress: MNG
belt: topshop
necklace : vivienne westwood

What a sunny day, my feet were getting burned..too hot...

We were heading to Mid Valley to eat my favorite Portuguese Grill fish and durian pancake.. :))))

After having our lunch,we were having our desert at the Gardens.

Another new opened Fro-yo Moo Cow at 3rd floor , in front of the Foong Lye Restaurant.

I was picked the original flavor - sourish only rm9.90 with free one topping.Fro-yo was fulled with the cup.

 sorry can't wait for eaten before take the photo  :p

Like their Facebook

We decided to have a cup of coffee at new open Starbuck at Sri Hartamas

Buy 1 FREE 1 with the AMEX credit card

Urbanscapes 2011 (see my previous entry)  was change their new place for this year at Padang Astaka on 16th July 2011 from 12pm-12am

here is the map

View Larger Map

You can visit their Website for more update!!!  


Kendra Bing said...

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jfook said...

Awesome wallpeper. Siti Maria lolol

Kiki's Land said...

huh..Siti Maria??? Me??

Anonymous said...

hai hai...the 杜老爺福爾摩沙芒果青 looks so nice..may I know where you bought it?

Kiki's Land said...

hi,the 杜老爺福爾摩沙芒果青 is bought from taiwan...it's really nice,my favourite but is seasonal..

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